Secondment Policy

The secondment policy ensures uniform assignment practices

Drafting of a uniform assignment guideline for different periods of time, for example

  • Delegations
  • Short-term assignments
  • Long-term assignments, installations and fittings, cross-country assignments

Illustrating the various types of assignment policies

  • Global assignment policies
  • Global assignment policies with special country assignment policies
  • Country end-user policies

Review of your existing assisgnment policies regarding legal content and benefit arrangements

  • Identification of saving potentials
  • Process development based on your previous assignment policies
  • Alignment of your assignment contract with the current legal parameters
  • Benchmark comparison of your assignment policies in an international context
  • Review of your existing assignment practice

The following aspects are taken into account:

  • Application of your company strategy and philosophy for the provision of benefits during an assignment
  • Selection of the candidate and allocation of responsibilities in the process
  • Current legal developments in the field of labor, social security and tax law
  • Home-connection regulations
  • Benefit designs that stand up to international comparison
  • Integration of the family situation
  • Amortization regulations
  • Illustration of the entry regulations
  • Moving and looking for accommodation abroad
  • Reintegration regulations
  • Demonstration of the social security coverage during a secondment
  • Home travel regulations
  • Tax handling and procurement of contractual partners
  • Adaptation to the developments in your company

This list is not exhaustive, but merely provides an overview of the content that can be presented in an assignment policy. The actual content is strongly linked to the orientation of the company and is individually adapted to each case individually.

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