February 16, 2024
UK Flagge mit Big Ben
Changes to the approval of “sponsor licenses” in the UK from April 2024 Employers must obtain approval (called a “sponsor license”) from the Home Office to employ foreign workers in the UK. This can be submitted online using a completed application form along with the required documents and information. Previously, the sponsor license was valid...
Bilaterales Sozialversicherungsabkommen Österreich und Japan
The Foreign Minister of Japan and the Ambassador of Austria signed a social security agreement between the two countries in Japan on January 19, 2024. The agreement allows employees who are posted to the other country for a temporary period of less than five years to remain insured in the pension system of the sending...
Frau am Laptop im Homeoffice
Italy signs framework agreement on cross-border teleworking We already reported on the Multilateral Framework Convention on ordinary cross-border telework on August 1, 2023. This agreement makes it possible for employees, under certain conditions, to spend up to 49.99% of their working hours in the form of telework in their country of residence and still be...

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