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Visa-free entry for German citizens to China

German citizens can enter China visa-free from December 1st, 2023 to November 30th, 2024. The same applies to citizens of France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Malaysia.

Visa exemption applies to stays of up to 15 days for tourist purposes and business activities. All you need to enter the country is a valid passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months at the time of entry. A visa requirement continues to apply for longer stays or stays that are not included in the purposes of tourist trips or business activities.

In the future, visa-free entry will continue to require travelers to register with the Public Security Bureau within 24 hours of entry. If the accommodation is in a hotel, the registration will be taken care of by this hotel. After the above-mentioned period has expired, the measure will be reviewed and an extension may be possible.

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