Kai Mütze
Work Permit Arbeitserlaubnis Schriftzug
New regulations for the EU Blue Card came into force on November 18, 2023 You are cordially invited to find out and exchange information about the further legal changes regarding the immigration of skilled workers to Germany in our focus seminar Updates Blue Card EU. In the week before last, numerous innovations in the area...
China Land Umriss
China has acceded to the Hague Apostille Convention The authenticity of the signature on a document and the authority of the issuer of the document are usually confirmed by legalization. This is the only way documents can be used reliably in international document transactions. The apostille also confirms the authenticity of the signature on a...
Kanada Flagge vor Landschaft
EXPRESS ENTRY – Preliminary medical examination no longer required Background: Immigrant Medical Examinations (IMEs) are required for permanent residency. Foreign nationals applying for express entry cannot have the examination carried out by their own doctor; you must see a doctor who is on the list of government-approved contracted doctors. As of October 1, 2023, pre-medical...
Dateneingabe am PC
New filling aid for SI applications From October 4th, employers will have access to the new SV reporting portal in addition to reporting via the existing payroll system, replacing its predecessor, the filling aid. The SV reporting portal can now be accessed as a web application via the browser and offers the option of...
Flagge Großbritanniens
UK visa fees will increase from October 4, 2023 Important points for visas and applications made outside the UK: Fees for work and visit visas will increase by 15%. Fees for student visas, sponsorship certificates, settlement certificates, citizenship certificates, entry permits and residence permits will be increased by 20% or more. Some visa fees will...
Reise nach Großbritannien
ETA: Electronic entry authorization for travel to the UK Later this year Great Britain will replace the existing Visa Waiver System with the new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Third-country nationals will need an ETA permit to enter the country from November 2023. The requirement is expected to apply to EU nationals from the end of...
Reise in die USA - welche Visa werden benötigt?
Traveling with children A dream destination for many families is a trip to the USA. Whether you are visiting or are being sent to the USA on a long-term basis by your company, the whole family should come with you to the new world. How does this actually work, especially if children are traveling with...
Koffer und Dokumente für die Reise
Passport for children from 2024 – children’s passports will be abolished From January 1, 2024, parents will no longer be able to apply for children’s passports for their children in Germany. For trips abroad outside the EU and for long-distance trips, for example to the USA, children will generally need a passport equipped with an...
Israelische Flagge
E-visa system soon also in Israel The Israeli government recently announced the decision to introduce an electronic e-visa system in the future to strengthen national security. The so-called “Marom System” (Marom is Hebrew and means heaven) offers a holistic, digital solution for entry into Israel and for communication between the authorities. Another goal mentioned is...
ESTA App für visafreie Einreise in die USA
ESTA application now also possible via APP It has recently become possible not only to register online for visa-free entry into the USA via ESTA, but also via APP. This new APP is called ESTA mobile, you can download it from your APPStore for your mobile phone. According to the APP, you need the following:...
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