New regulations for the EU Blue Card came into force on November 18, 2023

You are cordially invited to find out and exchange information about the further legal changes regarding the immigration of skilled workers to Germany in our focus seminar Updates Blue Card EU.

In the week before last, numerous innovations in the area of ​​skilled immigration to Germany came into force. The innovations mainly relate to the EU Blue Card.

Salary limits:
The salary limit for 2023 has been reduced from 58,400 euros to 43,800 euros for the regular EU Blue Card. For MINT professions, the salary limit is now 39,682.80 euros instead of 45,552 euros in 2023. The lower salary limit also applies to the new regulations for young professionals (university degree was no more than three years before applying for the Blue Card) and for IT specialists. They can also acquire an EU Blue Card for the first time if they do not have a university degree but have at least three years of relevant professional experience within the last seven years.

Previously, an employment contract of at least one year was required for the EU Blue Card to be issued. The minimum term has now been reduced to six months. Another important innovation is the simplification when changing employers. Within the first 12 months of employment, the immigration authorities can make a suspension decision after notification. The immigration authorities have 30 days to do this. During these 30 days, the immigration authorities can refuse to allow you to change employers if the requirements are not met.

As part of short-term mobility, it is also possible for holders of the EU Blue Card to be able to carry out business activities in other member states without a visa. Business trips are limited to 90 days within 180 days.

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