Since July 1, 2024, there has been a new online portal through which postings to the Czech Republic can be reported. This applies immediately and replaces the previous notification via form sending by email. The portal is provided by the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and can be reached at the link
Provisional regulations for the recruitment and entry of foreign employees of Israeli companies – valid until September 6, 2024 For the time being, the recruitment of semi-professional (non-skilled), skilled or unskilled foreign workers from certain countries can take place with prior approval. Entry into Israel must take place by September 6th of this year. This...
High costs for companies make flexibility in global mobility difficult The cost of living is an important factor when choosing a location for international professionals. Which city in the world is the best to live in is often linked to the question of the cost of living for expatriates. According to a survey by the...
Arbeitsbehörde Luxemburg verschärft Kontrollen
The Luxembourg Labor Authority (ITM) has announced that fines totaling 8.9 million euros were imposed on companies in 2023 for improper posting of workers. Compared to 2022, the Labor Department’s activities have increased, from just over 10,000 inspections in 2022 to more than 17,300 inspections last year. To cope with the increase in inspections, the...
The Multilateral Framework Agreement on ordinary cross-border telework has also been applicable to Lithuania since May 1, 2024 and allows employees, under certain conditions, to spend up to 49.99% of their working time in the form of telework in their country of residence and at the same time remain subject to social security contributions in...
The spread of the digital nomad visa continues to increase. Third-country nationals can now also apply for this visa in Italy (also possible in Japan). A digital nomad visa is a residence permit that entitles you to work remotely in the host country for a foreign employer. The Digital Nomad visa was introduced in Italy...
Update Arbeiten in Belgien
In Belgium, important changes in the Flanders region’s immigration policy for foreign workers will come into force from May 1, 2024. Many regulations for EU Blue Card holders, intra-company transferees (ICTs) and foreign business travelers have been significantly changed. On the one hand, the educational qualification requirements for employees transferred within the company and for...
New reporting portal The Hungarian authorities have been providing a new website on the posting of workers to Hungary (Posted Workers Directive – PWD) since March 1, 2024. This new interface will be used to comply with reporting and registration obligations in connection with the posting of workers to Hungary. Login details that were set...
USCIS erhöht Visagebühren
New U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Fees for 2024 Nonimmigrant Visas U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services increased premium processing fees on February 26, 2024. This means that the application must be processed more quickly after the application has been submitted. The visa should be approved or rejected within 2 weeks for premium processing. The regular...
Japan führt neues Visum ein
Japan wants to introduce a new visa category for so-called digital nomads. Visa-free short stays in Japan of up to 90 days are currently an option for Germans and citizens of 67 other countries and regions for tourist or classic business trips, such as. B. Participation in conferences, meetings or similar activities. For stays longer...
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