China: Lockdown in Shanghai only partially lifted

Corona pandemic largely contained

The two-month Corona lockdown in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai did not end until June 01, 2022.

A strict quarantine had been in place here since the end of March due to high Corona case numbers. Now, most of the 26 million inhabitants are allowed to leave their homes and go to work as usual. However, the measures have already been tightened again since June 11: Following new cases of infection, curfews and mass tests were again ordered in Shanghai, and a local lockdown is again in effect in six of the city’s 16 districts.

Easing in Shanghai

Corona-related restrictions in Shanghai had largely been lifted. Stores as well as restaurants are allowed to reopen in most districts, and public and private transport has resumed. Protective measures remain in place, however: For example, a negative PCR test must be presented before using public transport or entering stores. It is also uncertain at present whether the partial lockdowns will be extended further.

Consequences for the economy

The strict lockdowns in several Chinese cities have had a severe impact on the economy. Production has largely come to a standstill in the affected cities, unemployment has risen and consumption has fallen. As a result, the Chinese state and party leadership has decided on an economic stimulus package aimed, among other things, at boosting consumption. Due to the disruption of supply chains, the lockdown had been felt worldwide. Now production can resume and containers at the world’s largest port in Shanghai are being handled again. However, it will take a few weeks for logistics to be rebuilt.

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