China: New entry regulations starting from 02.03.2021

The Chinese government has again tightened its entry regulations. All passengers entering China must provide a negative nucleic acid and IgM antibody test starting March 02, 2021. The test date must be no more than 48 hours before departure to China.

Test results must list in typewritten form the name and address of the testing site, date received, type and time of blood sample. Rapid tests are not sufficient.  These tests can be done at different testing locations. But the test locations must be in the same consular district.

In addition to the negative test results, the passport, airline ticket, valid Chinese visa must be uploaded via the website Persons who have already been vaccinated must also upload the vaccination certificate or copy of the vaccination certificate. Only by uploading the documents on the website it is possible to obtain a green QR code issued by the Chinese embassies  in Germany.

For transit flights, both tests must be repeated in the transit country and another green QR code must be obtained from the local Chinese mission abroad within 48 hours before departure. The validity period of the QR code is 48 hours from the time the test is conducted.  The time of the test performance is decisive for the calculation of the 48 hours.

Travelers with cured COVID-19 disease and those who tested positive for IgG antibodies must contact the relevant Chinese foreign missions at least three weeks before their flights to China. Despite negative PCR and IgM antibody tests and green QR code, they will be placed in immediate hospital quarantine for several weeks upon entry and subjected to extensive investigations. This includes also  individuals who may still have antibodies due to undetected COVID-19 disease.

All travelers are requested to upload all required documentation to the website in a timely manner and as early as possible.

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