Israel opens doors for Ukrainian war-affected

New regulation for simplified work visa application procedures

In response to the war in Ukraine, the Israeli government adopted a new regulation on 04/04/2022 that allows professionals in technical professions to apply for a work visa to Israel through a simplified application process.

The initiative has emerged from cooperation between the private and public sectors.

The background to the application process:

  • Originally, the founders Sophia Tupolev-Luz and Ariella Ravivb of the start-up The Reboot decided to develop a platform that would create a network between technically qualified Ukrainian and Russian professionals with Israeli companies.
  • The project aimed to provide humanitarian support to war-affected people while serving the demand of local Israeli industry.

After the Israeli government gave official clearance for the pilot project, foreign students can now obtain a work visa to Israel valid for 90 days. An extension is possible.

The requirements for an extension:

  • The employee must have an employment contract with the Israeli company
  • And have a qualification in a technical profession: These include, but are not limited to, the following occupational fields: Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Medicine.

The initiative is also designed for those who are eligible under the Israeli Law of Return. It concerns Jewish workers who are employed in one of the technical professional fields and wish to immigrate to Israel through the Law of Return. Both target groups can already obtain a work permit after 4 working days and are additionally entitled to be accompanied by family members who are also entitled to work in Israel. So far, over 1000 applications have already been submitted through this initiative.

Previously, the law stipulated that foreign high-tech professionals could only obtain a work visa if their monthly salary was at least double the average monthly income in Israel. In addition, the Israeli Innovation Authority had to recognise the company as a “high-tech company”. These bureaucratic hurdles have now been removed, so that overall the procedure for obtaining a residence and work permit has been significantly accelerated.

Foreign students benefit

Foreign students who study at a university in Israel and are enrolled in a technical degree programme also benefit from this new regulation. However, these students can only work part-time and your monthly salary does not have to be equal to the usual salary of a foreign specialist.

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