E-visa system soon also in Israel

The Israeli government recently announced the decision to introduce an electronic e-visa system in the future to strengthen national security. The so-called “Marom System” (Marom is Hebrew and means heaven) offers a holistic, digital solution for entry into Israel and for communication between the authorities. Another goal mentioned is to make it easier to apply for a visa. In particular, the number of embassy visits should be minimized. Border controls are strengthened by requiring people entering the country to register in advance. This also applies to nationals of nationalities who are allowed to enter Israel without a visa.
The technical, legal and technical requirements for the introduction of the “Marom System” are now being examined by the Ministry of the Interior and other authorities. However, it is currently unclear when the system will actually be introduced. You will of course be informed in good time about the progress of the introduction in our blog.

Closed authorities in Israel due to upcoming holidays

In this context, we would also like to inform you that there are some public holidays coming up in Israel. Israeli authorities will be closed on September 17 (Rosh Hashanah), September 24 and 25 (Yom Kippur) and October 1-10 (Sukkot). Visa applications and residence permits will not be processed during this time. This also applies to the Israeli authorities outside Israel. Employers should take into account the delays in processing and issuing visas.

Important note: Increased immigration controls for employers in Israel

In the past, controls at workplaces by immigration authorities in Israel have increased significantly. In order to be prepared for an inspection, the following documents of non-Israeli citizens should be kept on site at the company or in the company’s administrative office:

  • Employment contract (in a language that the non-Israeli national understands and in a Hebrew translation)
  • The foreign employee’s last three payslips
  • Proof of the foreign employee’s working time recording
  • Proof of the foreign worker’s health insurance
  • Rental agreement of the foreign worker
  • Valid visa and work permit

Do you need assistance with applying for and processing visas? Please feel free to contact us. We will also support you with all questions about personnel management, contract design and payroll.

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