IAC supports youth development in handball

Expansion of support for youth work at the Hofgeismar/Grebenstein handball team through a two-year sponsorship agreement

For years, the SHG Hofgeismar/Grebenstein has largely relied on players from its own youth.

The integration of the youth players into the senior section is an essential part of the sporting orientation. Currently, more than 80% of the players in the 1st men’s and 1st women’s teams come from the club’s own youth team.

Now the youth work is to be further strengthened. To support the club in this, the IAC has signed a sponsorship agreement for two years. The development of young talents is to be supported with a good 4-digit amount per year. “It is particularly important to me that young people are supported at an early age and that the sport of handball thus regains its attractiveness. Especially in the Corona era, activities in the clubs with young people were in sharp decline. The promotion of young people is an important part of targeted development work. With our support, we want to set an example and encourage other companies to join us,” says the managing director of IAC GmbH Kai Mütze.

Among other things, this has already financed the formation of a handball club at the Würfelturmschule in Hofgeismar. The cooperation with schools strengthens the contact to the pupils and promotes potential candidates.

This sponsorship came about through a long-standing friendship with the SHG’s booster club. The IAC is looking forward to further cooperation with the club and is confident about the development of youth handball!

You can find the SHG here!


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