That was to the point! Successful first focus seminar on the risk of staff shortages

Promising start for the new event series “In 120 minutes to the point”

There is a lot going on in HR – lack of skilled workers, changing values, demographics, increased willingness to change among employees, new work and employer branding. HR can hardly keep up with the new circumstances and adapt to new challenges.

What strategies can my company use to meet these challenges?

This is exactly the question we explored at the focus seminar “Risk of staff shortage”. In 120 minutes, participants were able to benefit from background facts and impulses on the current labour market situation. In addition, our speakers Claudia Wolf and Kai Mütze provided practical strategies and solutions for optimally preparing your company for these uncertainties.

The new year awaits with new topics

Best of all: Next year we will continue with our focus seminars! Look forward to more exciting topics such as “New Normal” and local labour contracts.

Did you miss the first Focus Online Seminar? No problem – secure your place here for next year’s event!

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