Across the world in 120 minutes – your journey with the Außenwirtschaftsforum

From Russia to the USA – passing through the UK and China? No problem with the Außenwirtschaftsforum on its trip around the world. In 120 minutes, pilots and travel guests flew to the various destinations and dealt with them from a foreign trade perspective.

In addition to the current situation on the scene, the country reports also dealt with tax aspects as well as the travel situation and travel regulations. For years, Kai Mütze from IAC Unternehmensberatung has accompanied the Außenwirtschaftsforum as a pilot.

On the flight, the participants navigated through reports on current impacts in supply chains as well as global working. The competent tour guides dealt with the issues from different points of view, all of which are of great importance for our companies. The changing framework conditions for international employee assignments were highlighted by our captain Kai Mütze.

If you missed the check-in for our event and unfortunately could not fly along, you now have the opportunity to watch the recording of the event digitally here.

Watch the full video now

Note: The approx. 10-minute report by Kai Mütze can be seen from 1:35:00.

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