Changes to registration procedures in Bulgaria

According to Directive 2014/67/EU of the European Parliament, registration may already be mandatory even for short-term assembly or project assignments within Europe. All countries have implemented this regulation and there are regular updates in the reporting procedures and the functionality of the portals.

Thus, there was also an update in the reporting portal in Bulgaria. The information to be provided has become more comprehensive. More information that is personal must be provided about the employee and the managing director of the company posting. Furthermore, a representative must be appointed to stay in Bulgaria during the assignment. In addition, there is an obligation to appoint a contact person. This person may also be located outside Bulgaria.

However, the changeover of the account is particularly far-reaching. In order to continue using the portal after the update, employers who were already users of the previous version must also re-register on this page. After registering, you should receive an email at the email address you provided with a link to log in. When doing so, also check for spam in your mailbox. There may also be delays in the delivery of the email. Even if you have not received a confirmation email, a system administrator will activate your account within 24 hours of your registration and you will then be able to log in using the email address and password you provided.

A posting to Bulgaria must be reported from the 1st day of service provision and work activity in Bulgaria. The notification and registration must have been completed with the Bulgarian authorities no later than the day before the first commencement of activity. Changes to a respective posting must also be reported immediately from the start of the change.

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