Current development USA – Extension of the validity period of the NIE

According to information from the US Embassy in Berlin as well as the US Consulate in Frankfurt, from now on (retroactively from July 5, 2021) the NIE certificate is valid for 12 months and entitles to multiple entries within this period.

This regulation also applies to all travelers who have already received an NIE certificate once (by mail or as part of a visa application) within the last 12 months (since July 5, 2020) and are planning another entry into the USA. There is no need to apply for the NIE exemption again in this case.

Example:  If the employee has been approved for an NIE exemption on July 01, 2021, the individual may use the NIE exemption for entries to the U.S. until July 01, 2022.

We are following developments around the United States very closely and will keep you informed accordingly. We will be happy to answer any questions for all of our clients at this time.

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