Donation for the youth promotion of the SHG Hofgeismar/Grebenstein – IAC Unternehmensberatung supports locally

“The Corona pandemic presents us all with great challenges. Even under “normal” circumstances a sports club must always keep an eye on its financial situation and plan income and expenditure exactly. Here, support is not only valuable, but crucial,” says Kai Mütze, Managing Director of IAC Unternehmensberatung GmbH.

“Now these particularly difficult times are upon us all. While life somehow goes on in most areas, many clubs are currently at a standstill. There is a lack of income from spectators, events and sponsors. Everyone is struggling with their own problems. This is exactly the reason why IAC Unternehmensberatung is proud to provide regional support. We are pleased to support the Spielgemeinschaft Hofgeismar/Grebenstein with a donation and thus enable them to invest even more in youth work,” he continues, “because the success at the top level of handball is due, among other things, to the fact that clubs like the SHG do such outstanding youth and grassroots work.”

With over 600 members, the SHG represents one of the largest handball clubs in the Kassel district. With 4 senior teams (3 male and 1 female), 14 youth teams, 5 mini teams and 2 Altherrenmannschaften, the SHG is among the strongest sport clubs in Hessen. More than 300 games and about 130 training sessions are organised and managed by more than 70 voluntary coaches, support staff and the members of the board and the support association of the SHG.

What distinguishes handball at SHG is the team’s fundamental idea of solidarity and team spirit, characteristics which can be transferred, to a large extent, to the day-to-day business of IAC. Even in the area of international employee assignments, a common path must always be found. This is independent of cultural differences, bureaucratic hurdles or different interests.

Last Saturday (12.12.2020), the managing director of IAC Unternehmensberatung GmbH presented the board of Spielgemeinschaft Hof-geismar/Grebenstein with a check for 1,500.00 euros. This should not only be a sign of solidarity and hope, but support for the handball sport in Hofgeismar and Grebenstein – especially in times like these!


On the photo you can see from left to right:

Benny Krahl (SHG-management), Michael Schneider (support association management), Kai Mütze (managing direktor of IAC Unternehmensberatung), Timo Mönicke (SHG-management)

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