Improved accident insurance protection in the home office

In the course of the Betriebsrätemodernisierungsgesetz (Works Council Modernisation Act), accident insurance cover in the home office will be improved in future.

Until now, so-called ” work routes” in the home were insured, such as the route to the printer in another room or to files stored in the basement. However, unlike in the company, the way to the toilet or to eat in the kitchen was not insured. These distinctions are now abandoned with the new § 8, para. 1, sentence 3, SGB VII, i.e. if the insured activity is carried out in the insured person’s household or at another location, insurance cover exists to the same extent as if the activity was carried out in the company’s offices.

At the same time, the law corrects a ruling of the BSG (of 30.1.2020, BSGE 130, 25 (29 et seq.)). This ruling negates the protection against commuting accidents for the way back from the nursery to the home office. In future, according to § 8 para. 2 no. 2a SGB VII, the journey directly to and from the place where children of insured persons are entrusted to the care of others is also insured. The precondition for this is, however, that the insured activity is carried out at the place of the joint household.

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