Right of residence: First migration package passed

New opportunity residence law for migrants in Germany

On 06.07.2022, the new law for the introduction of a right of opportunity residence was passed by the Federal Government.

The law, presented by the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs, provides for the introduction of a right of opportunity to stay, the facilitation of skilled immigration, easier access to integration courses and the consistent expulsion of offenders.

Legislative changes in the migration package

Under the new right of opportunity residence, long-term tolerated persons in Germany will receive a one-year residence permit. During this time, foreigners have the opportunity to fulfill the requirements for a right to stay, including, for example, ensuring their livelihood and clarifying their identity. In the area of the right to stay regulations, prior residence periods are reduced by two years.

Promoting immigration of skilled workers

In order to make Germany a more attractive location for skilled workers from abroad, regulations from the Skilled Workers Immigration Act will be adjusted. For example, family reunification of skilled workers from third countries will be made easier by eliminating the requirement for family members to provide proof of language proficiency.

Further legal regulations

In the future, all asylum seekers are to be offered integration courses and professional language courses. In addition, the repatriation of criminals and dangerous persons is to be enforced. For these, expulsion and the ordering of detention pending deportation will be made easier.


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