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Kanada Flagge vor Landschaft
EXPRESS ENTRY – Preliminary medical examination no longer required Background: Immigrant Medical Examinations (IMEs) are required for permanent residency. Foreign nationals applying for express entry cannot have the examination carried out by their own doctor; you must see a doctor who is on the list of government-approved contracted doctors. As of October 1, 2023, pre-medical...
Dateneingabe am PC
New filling aid for SI applications From October 4th, employers will have access to the new SV reporting portal in addition to reporting via the existing payroll system, replacing its predecessor, the sv.net filling aid. The SV reporting portal can now be accessed as a web application via the browser and offers the option of...
ESTA App für visafreie Einreise in die USA
ESTA application now also possible via APP It has recently become possible not only to register online for visa-free entry into the USA via ESTA, but also via APP. This new APP is called ESTA mobile, you can download it from your APPStore for your mobile phone. According to the APP, you need the following:...
Handshake Begrüßung eines Kollegen
When does the new Skilled Immigration Act actually come into force? Dubbed the “most modern immigration law in the world”, it was still unclear when the regulations of the new Skilled Immigration Act would come into force. It is important that the various regulations are introduced gradually. Numerous changes relating to the EU Blue Card...
Mitarbeiterentsendung mit Visum nach Japan
Recruitment of highly qualified professionals with a new visa category Not only in Germany is the issue of the shortage of skilled workers omnipresent. Other countries are also implementing measures to increase attractiveness for the immigration of skilled workers. Recently, Japan introduced a new visa category to attract highly qualified professionals for employment in Japan....
The PRC Company Law is undergoing a major overhaul after five rounds of “cosmetic repairs” in 1999, 2004, 2005, 2013 and 2018. What does the latest draft mean for limited liability companies?
The Case: This case concerns a woman and her three children, all four of whom are German nationals and have their registered residence in Germany. The husband, who is the father of the three children, is a Brazilian national and has never had a registered residence in Germany.

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