Japan – New visa category

Recruitment of highly qualified professionals with a new visa category

Not only in Germany is the issue of the shortage of skilled workers omnipresent. Other countries are also implementing measures to increase attractiveness for the immigration of skilled workers. Recently, Japan introduced a new visa category to attract highly qualified professionals for employment in Japan.
Japanese immigration law is based on a points system, which was introduced in May 2012. Since then, around 35,000 foreign nationals have been granted residency status in Japan. Anyone who achieves a certain number of points, the points are based in particular on qualification and income, receives a visa for highly qualified specialists. After staying in Japan for three years, this visa can be converted into a permanent residence permit.
In addition, Japan has now introduced a new visa category for researchers, engineers and managers with the following requirements.

Researchers and Engineers:

  • Must have at least a master’s degree and a minimum salary of 20 million yen (approx. 136,510 euros) or
  • Proof of an employment contract with a term of at least 10 years and a minimum salary of 20 million yen (approx. 136,510 euros).


  • Must have at least five years of professional experience and a minimum salary of 40 million yen (approx. 272,912 euros).

Simplifications in this context bring above all the shortening of the periods for a permanent residence permit. If you enter Japan with a visa for highly qualified specialists and stay in Japan for at least one year, you are already entitled to a permanent residence permit. Previously, the period was three years.
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